Pharma Industry

The pharmaceutical supply chain is a highly regulated area. Traceability and product restriction are essential for compliance with the Irish Medical Board. Stock items with the shortest expiry and controlled drugs with their location need to be easily identified. Having easy access to accurate delivery and consignment data is vital in this process. Brook provides fast and effective solutions for companies with these requirements.

A solution we implemented for Medco

Challenges we Solved

  • Needed to be operationally effective within 12 weeks from set up
  • Stock Traceability
  • Integration with Third party systems
  • Development of software based on a new concept from Medco

Services We Provided

  • Timely delivery of Consignment Solution
  • Development & Customization to allow for growth
  • Collective experience in Pharmaceutical Developments & Business Processes

Products We Used

  • Sage 200
  • Brook Consignment System
  • Brook MedHQ
  • Brook MedClient

Benefits We Delivered for Medco

  • Track and Trace Technology
  • Instant Access and Visibility of delivery and consignment data
  • Decreased Returns
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Flexible training & support
  • One Stop Shop