Pimbrook Cloud User Guide (Evad)

Access the Pimbrook Cloud


First point of contact is to log onto the cloud portal https://remote.pimbrookcloud.ie



Use your login name –  and your password (this is a strong password which will be sent to you separately).

(Note: You can download the “Horizon Client” from this screen (see red ring above). This will give you a better experience by linking you PC to the cloud desktop for transfer of files, pasting and printing. This recommended for you commonly used PC. See below Horizon Client for more on this.)

When you log in, you will be presented with the following screen, click the Desktop icon to start your desktop.




You will be brought to a standard windows desktop and you can log into your software as normal.


Use the Horizon Client

This is recommended for linking your commonly used PC to the cloud desktop so you can share files and print directly from the cloud, etc.

Setting up

  • Download and install from the main cloud portal screen as below.



  • Start the application.
  • Double click on the server you added in the setup.
  • Click and log in with your details.
  • Suggest selecting “Options – Auto connect to this desktop” for quicker future connection.
  • Copy files between cloud and PC
    • In the cloud desktop, browse to “This PC” in windows file explorer
    • You should see a mapped drive (Z) with your user name, this is your physical PC disk.
    • You can now copy files between the cloud desktop and your PC using this mapped drive.