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Sage Drive Issue – ‘Your computer is not connected to the Internet’

Sage Drive requires a broadband Internet connection with a download speed of at least 4Mbps, and an upload speed of at least 2Mbps. You can check your connection speed at various sites online, such as www.speedtest.net

When opening or working in a company that’s shared using Sage Drive, the following message may appear:

”No Internet connection”
”your computer is not connected to the Internet”

To check to see if the connection has been restored, and to submit your changes, click Retry.
If the connection cannot be restored, and you need to continue processing data, click Work offline.

WARNING: If you choose to work offline, you must advise anyone connected to your data using Sage Drive to stop processing, otherwise they will lose their work when you go back online.
To discard your changes and close Sage Accounts, click Close.’

This message appears on the Sage Drive main site if the connection to the Sage Drive service is lost, for example, if the main site has Internet issues, or if you need to update to a Sage Drive compatible version of your software.

Using Sage 50 Accounts v23.2 or above

If you receive this message, you have the option to Retry, Work offline or Close.


If you choose to Retry:

  • If it reconnects successfully – the entry you’re posting posts successfully and it’s OK to continue posting at all sites.
  • If the reconnection fails – the same No Internet Connection message appears again.


Work offline

If you choose to Work offline, all remote sites should stop posting until the main site reconnects.


Pimbrook software strongly recommend not selecting to working offline. Any time it’s offline we suggest that everyone should stop working as this may result to loss of data.


If users continue to work in this company at the remote sites, any postings they make from this point will be lost when the main site reconnects.

When the main site reconnects to Sage Drive, users working at remote sites see the following message:

‘Sage Drive
The main site has reconnected to this Sage Drive Company.
Any changes you make now will not be overwritten by the main site.
To continue, click OK.’

Once this message appears, they must check and if necessary re-enter any postings they’ve lost.



  1. Keep clicking on the Retry button until it connects
  2. If you choose to work offline ; all the remote sites should stop posting until the main site reconnects