Sage Micropay

A sophisticated yet easy-to-use payroll system designed to address the needs of medium to large-sized Irish businesses while taking care of all Irish Revenue Requirements.
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Sage Micropay Professional can be configured to suit the individual needs of your business and allows you to design and create detailed reports with the Advanced Report Writer.

Features Import timesheets, batch entry time and pay, automatic timesheets
Catering for all Revenue requirements –  PAYE, PRSI, USC, PRSA’s and BIK (Benefit in Kind).

  • Revenue-On-Line Compatible (P45s, P30s, P35s)
  • EFT/Paypath Files
  • Formula based payments and deductions
  • Credit Union Payments
  • Split Payments
  • Pensions/PRSA/AVC
  • Calculates holiday entitlement and pay
  • Assign employees to multiple departments and cost centres
  • Email payslips with PDF password protected attachments
  • Customised reporting with Excel and PDF integration
  • Nominal Integration with your Accounts Package
  • Integrate Sage HR & Sage PeopleLink
  • Historical Data
  • Excel Integration
  • PDF Integration
  • Period Archive
  • Company Consolidation
  • Bonus Run and Salary Review dates
  • Payroll End of Year Guide
  • CSO Reporting
  • Backups