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Pimbrook – Supporting You Better

Event: 12th November 2018
Pimbrook – Supporting You Better

Event: 12 Nov, 2018 @ 12:00 am

Knowing Where We Are and Where We Are Going….

The first thing we wanted to do was to get a feel for the service we are providing, so we set about recording data related to this, that we could measure over time. These measurements include:

– Total calls taken
– Time we took to reply to these calls
– Time we took to resolve and close these cases

This data indicates the level of service we are giving and if it is improving or not. As you can see from the following sample of results (measured in September 2018), they show a significant improvement over the last year which I believe has attributed to our high customer satisfaction rates.

  • Average hold time to speak to a support agent reduced by 63%
  • Average time to resolve issues reduced by 85%
  • 80% of issues resolved in the same day

Investing to Improve Our Service to You…

So we are responding to your queries faster and solving them quicker. Great, but how have we achieved this, well, we have invested heavily in new processes, technology, staff and training specifically in the area of customer support. The following will give you a taste of where this investment has been spent:

  1. New Processes
    We have fully reviewed the way we carry out our support service. Historically all calls were routed through reception and assigned to a support agent when they were free, who then worked on the issue to a resolution. This was not always the best use of our resources and caused bottlenecks, which resulted in “call backs” when all agents were busy or if the agent could not resolve the problem. So we introduced a new process with 2 levels of support resolution:
    Line 1 – All calls come directly to front line agents who will log the details and can solve all known or straight forward issues on the initial call.
    Line 2 – Any calls that are more complex will be escalated from Line 1 to Line 2 Support where troubleshooting investigation can be carried out to get to a resolution.
    This gets customers talking to a support agent as soon as possible and uses our resources in the best way to get a resolution to all issues, while avoiding delays due to complex issues causing blockages.
  2. Introduced Technology
    New technology systems have been introduced to allow us to work more efficiently and thus concentrate on responding to customer queries. For example an automated phone queuing system allows calls to be directed to the support team rather than having to go through reception. This allows our support team to know in real time how many calls are waiting and they can react accordingly. It also allows us to monitor our response times and adjust resource levels if required. New “Query Logging” and “Knowledge Base” software systems have also been introduced to enable our support team to log information about queries and solutions and to be able to search these to find answers to similar queries more quickly.
  3. New Staff
    The Pimbrook support team has been doubled in the past year. The new staff members include very experienced Sage 50 and Payroll professionals,
  4. Training
    Our staff are continuously trained to ensure that all their skills are up to date with the latest software and regulations relating to the areas we support. This is done both in-house on a weekly/monthly basis and as required by external sources (e.g. Sage, Revenue, Accountants, etc.).

Help Us to Help You…

To get the best out of our support service please note the following points that can help us to help you:

  1. For urgent issues always call our office 051 395900 and select 1 to get directly to our support desk. If all our agents are busy, please bear with us as your call will be put in a “first come first served” queue. Our support agents and the “Customer Service Coordinator” can see this queue of waiting calls and will react to these as soon as they can, so by holding you will get through to us faster than hanging up and calling back.
  2. For less urgent issues if you have called and due to a busy period are waiting to get to talk to a support agent you can press 0 to talk to reception and arrange a call back.
  3. Alternatively for non-urgent issues you can email support@pimbrook.ie. This email account is constantly monitored by the support team, so always use this to email support queries. We do not recommend emailing staff directly, as they may not be available to react to a direct email and so this could delay a response to your query.
  4. Please have your Pimbrook account number (6 characters) ready when you contact our support team, so that you can give it to our agent or quote it in an email. This will allow us to find your details on our support system faster and deal with your query more quickly.
  5. Do not automatically update your software without first contacting us, even if you have been given a notification from the software. This may not be the best option for your particular set up. Your environment may have a specific configuration that can prevent an upgrade from completing correctly (i.e. multiple networked computers, custom reports or add-ons, incompatible hardware or operation systems, etc.).
  6. We recommend that all software upgrades and maintenance is planned and carried out by one of our trained Sage technicians. This will reduce downtime of the software and ensure that we can give ongoing effective support. Please contact us to book a technician to advise and help with software upgrades and maintenance.
  7. Be aware of our terms of service (https://pimbrook.ie/wp-content/uploads/Pimbrook-Support-Service-Terms-and-Conditions.pdf) particularly the Levels, Details and Exclusions of Cover and the Client (your) Responsibilities.
  8. If you use our chargeable services e.g. for reporting, new client installs, or consulting and training, you might want to consider the “Premium” level of cover which includes access to extra services of these type (fair usage applies).

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