• Transition from TASBooks to Sage 50
    Easy with the Right Partner and Remarkably Beneficial
  • Transition from TASBooks to Sage 50

Sage Payroll

Sage Micropay

Sage Payroll

Accurate & Simple Payroll

Sage Payroll (formerly Sage Micropay) can be configured to suit the individual needs of your business and allows you to design and create detailed reports with the Advanced Report Writer.

For simple, quick and accurate payroll processing, Sage Payroll helps to ensure your compliance with the latest legislation, while keeping payroll intricacies to a minimum.

“Over half of businesses in Ireland pay their staff with Sage Payroll!”

Ideal for businesses with 1 – 500+ employees, Sage Payroll, a market-leading software, provides a highly cost effective solution for any business size. Designed to simplify complex payroll processes and make paying your employees straightforward, even new users will be up-and-running in no time.

Features and benefits include:

  • Guaranteed compliance with the latest Irish legislation
  • Easy to use interface
  • Secure employee pay advice by email
  • Electronic payment of Employees and Revenue
  • Calculates and tracks holiday entitlements
  • Processing guides and support for Payroll Year End
  • Powerful reporting suite
  • Integration with Accounting software
  • Integrated reporting with Excel for further analysis

Easy to use and set-up 

  • Compliant with legislation – always on the latest version
  • Easy to follow, with simple, clean look and feel and process maps detailing required steps
  • Includes Demonstration company data
  • Customisable deductions and payments
  • Choice of pay method (Paypath, cash or cheque) for each employee
  • Tax Credit Import Utility (P2C File)
  • Establish and manage multiple pay frequencies (run weekly, monthly, four weekly, fortnightly and bi-monthly payrolls)
  • Company reminders and Notepad
  • Duplicate PPS number check.

Manage your staff

  • Generate, keep, maintain and print employee records
  • PRSA and Pension Calculations
  • Assign employees to cost centres
  • Add a photo to individual employee details
  • Calculate all statutory deductions including PAYE, PRSI and USC
  • Choose Gross to Net or Net to Gross Calculation methods per employee
  • Automatically create all the necessary paperwork for leavers
  • Reinstate leaver wizard
  • BIK Rollover calculations
  • Allocate users access to specific companies
  • Manage unlimited leavers and starters in a financial year
  • Calculate holiday pay and Holiday entitlement on three calculation methods
  • Manage Construction Workers Pension Scheme.

Administer your payroll

  • Administer the payroll of unlimited employee numbers
  • Pay run process map to guide you through administering your company’s payroll
  • Preview and print payslips
  • Manage Credit Union and Bank payments
  • Email secure password protected payslips to your staff
  • View and print historical payslips
  • Split net pay across multiple accounts
  • Batch Time and Pay Entry
  • Foreign language Payroll Information Slips (Russian, Polish, Lithuanian)
  • Automatically post timesheets for employees who receive the same pay each period, Automatic Timesheets
  • Record and capture illness/sick pay benefit
  • Interim Paypath allows you to make payments to employees mid-way during a pay period
  • Re-run your payroll reports as required
  • Make secure electronic payments to employees
  • Submit P45, P30 and P35 forms to ROS online.

Complete your Payroll Year End

  • Step-by-step guides to walk you through Payroll Year End procedure
  • Create and print P60 End of Year Summary for your staff
  • Complete your Year End: clear year to date values and start a new payroll year.

Integration and Reporting 

  • Integrate with Sage Accounting Software and Sage HR Software
  • Save reports in Microsoft Excel format and payslips as PDFs
  • Export your payment records to Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 cloud Accounts or Sage Instant Accounts
  • Run numerous pre-defined reports to provide information on all aspects of payroll.

The Pimbrook Advantage

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing the ultimate support service for our clients, delivered on a personal consultative basis. We are extremely well placed to offer class-leading support, as our background is in Sage 50 Accounts and Sage Payroll Software training.

We firmly believe that no two clients are the same, so we provide bespoke training programmes that address their specific needs and challenges. We are also aware of the commercial realities that face our clients, and ensure that we equip our clients with the full range of Accounts and Payroll skills to optimise their business. And as an SME ourselves, we have a particular empathy for fellow SME’s and their need for premium customer service, fast turnaround, strict adherence to deadlines – all delivered by highly professional staff and offering exceptional value for money. Pimbrook are leading providers of Sage Payroll support in Ireland.

Software Updates –

The new Sage Payroll software (version 23.2) will contain:
A flag to officially nominate your ‘Covid 19’ pay element as your Subsidy payment element. (New Tickbox)
A feature to import the Revenue ‘TWSS Calculation’ CSV file, and automatically set the Average Weekly Pay into the Employee’s record. (New field)
A flag to mark an employee as being paid under the subsidy scheme. (New Tickbox)
A new feature built into the timesheet screen, to automatically calculate the subsidy amount. (New Feature)
A new feature built in to the timesheet screen to assist with ‘tiering & tapering’ as you enter in a top up amount. (New Feature)
A new field in the Employee ETP record, to hold the Covid19 subsidy amount processed for any applicable period. (New Field)
Inclusion of the Covid19 Subsidy payment amount, for each employee, in the live submission to ROS. (Live Reporting)

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