• Transition from TASBooks to Sage 50
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  • Transition from TASBooks to Sage 50

AccountsMate – Advanced Query Tool For Sage 50

AccountsMate for Sage 50 is an advanced query tool that both empowers current Sage 50 users and enables non-Sage 50 users with enhanced, customisable methods of accessing valuable information from Sage 50. Developed by Pimbrook Software, AccountsMate was designed specifically to allow medium size businesses to get more out of their Sage 50 data.

Benefits of AccountsMate

Enhanced Data Querying

Empowering current Sage 50 users with enhanced methods for querying and extracting valuable information from Sage 50, enabling them to streamline their data inquiries efficiently.


Access For Non Sage 50 Users

Providing non-Sage 50 users within your organization the ability to access crucial data e.g,:

– customer service personnel can retrieve account information,

– sales representatives can access product details and pricing,

– warehouse staff can inquire about stock specifics.

Accounting Software Drive Business Forward

Remote Access

Making Sage 50 data accessible to remote staff members, ensuring that key information remains within reach even when working outside the office environment.

Save Time with Sage 50

Minimise Costs and Save Time

What sets AccountsMate apart is its ease of installation and setup and direct access to Sage 50 data. This streamlines accessibility and minimizes the associated costs and saves time, making it a valuable resource for any company using Sage 50.


Free with our Sage 50 Support Service

Pimbrook give this great tool free to all customers who have a Sage 50 support contract with us.

What our customers are saying about AccountsMate

  • “For me, AccountsMate has given Sage 50 Accounts a facelift, and, more importantly, has given the reporting function from Sage 50 whole new lease of life.”

    Finance Manager

  • “I have found AccountsMate to be a very useful addition to Sage 50 as it allows me to run and tailor ad-hoc reports that I require from time to time removing a lot of analysis through Excel that ordinarily I would have to do. A very good enhancement to the platform”

     Financial Controller