• New Sage Payroll Update v27.1 Released
    Includes ERR and CWPS enhancements
  • New Sage Payroll Update v27.1 Released



Important: The TASBooks software is an “end of life product” and is no longer being developed. This will effect its usability in the future and it may not operate fully on the latest computer systems. This also limits the level of support that can be provided as some issues may not be able to be addressed.

Pimbrook can offer limited support for TASBooks but we recommend upgrading as soon as possible.

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The TASBooks range provides you with a choice of two clearly defined accounting software systems and an additional stock module. Depending on how your business operates, you can choose from a range of highly developed, easy-to-use software packages, that will give you effective control on your business.

What’s new in TASBooks V6?

  • VAT drill-down – So you can quickly and easily see what your VAT payments are made up of, without the need for time consuming reporting
  • Settlement Discount – Making it simpler to manage any potential settlement discounts, without the need for manual amends. Settlement discounts are more flexible, no matter what country you’re in. Choose to use European or Belgian legislation.
  • Hide inactive/discontinued records from your searches – Meaning you only have the most relevant information, making it quicker to load search results and easier to process information
  • Choose to update your P&L at the time of purchase or sale – So you can have the flexibility to choose when your P&L is updated, meaning you have the most up-to-date and precise information when you need it.
  • Personalised Outlook signature and free text for Statements and Invoices – Create professional looking quotations, invoices, purchase orders or remittance advises for your suppliers or customers with the addition of a customised Outlook email signature.
  • Rebuild and re-index your data – The new re-index functionality will allow you to correct the majority of data set errors, outside of support normal working hours, saving you time and money.
  • Stock Control module* for TASBooks – Full stock control. With this additional module you can manage and account for physical stock. You can also update stock levels and generate purchases through the purchase order processing facility.
  • TAS Payment Service, take credit card payments (Sage Pay)*
  • TAS offers a wide range of business stationery that is designed to print directly from your TAS software

*Additional costs apply

The Pimbrook Advantage

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing the ultimate support service for our clients, delivered on a personal consultative basis. We are extremely well placed to offer class-leading support, as our background is in Sage 50 Accounts and Sage Payroll Software training.

We firmly believe that no two clients are the same, so we provide bespoke training programmes that address their specific needs and challenges. We are also aware of the commercial realities that face our clients, and ensure that we equip our clients with the full range of Accounts and Payroll skills to optimise their business. And as an SME ourselves, we have a particular empathy for fellow SME’s and their need for premium customer service, fast turnaround, strict adherence to deadlines – all delivered by highly professional staff and offering exceptional value for money.

Why move from TASBooks to Sage 50 cloud?

Features TASBooks Sage 50 cloud
Report Designer
– Standard reports
– Customise and create your own reports
– Includes a report wizard to take you through the process step-by-step
– Easily edit invoices and add your company logo
Use of foreign currencies for banks, invoices and customer transactions
– Dual currency
– Foreign currency bank accounts available
– Fluctuations in exchange rates can be difficult to manage. However, Sage 50 Accounts allows you to insert the exchange rate at point of  invoice and at point of payment which allows you to account for the loss/gain on your P&L
Bank Reconciliation
– Manual bank reconciliation
– Electronic reconciliation
Access data anywhere, anytime with Sage Drive
– No option to connect devices
– With connected users, multiple users can access your accounts from various locations
Manage your business on the go
– No mobile apps available
Sage 50 Accounts Tracker
– Get accurate information on business performance at your fingertips
Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales
– Allows you to create invoices on the go*
Schedule automatic backups <div”>- Only backups reminder
– Ensure your backup data is always up-to-date by scheduling regular automatic backups. Meaning data recovery is quick and easy in the unlikely event of a problem
3rd party integration
– 1 developer
– 900+ developers
– Access a diverse range of solutions, such as barcoding, EDI, service management, hire and rental as well as many industry specific applications
– E-commerce integration with Sage Pay*