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Sage 50 UK Payroll Year End – Stage 2 – Process Year End

Stage 2 – Process Year End


This is step three of four to completing your payroll year end. See all four steps here >

Payroll year end is quick and simple, let’s take a look at the tasks you need to complete below.

TIP: Take a look at our handy process year end checklist to help you along the way.

1.   Set your process date

  1. On the Payroll navigation bar, click Change Process Date.
  2. Enter 05/04/2023, then click OK.

2.   Choose tax year

  1. To begin the year end process, click Payroll Year End.
  2. Click Choose Tax Year, then click Yes to include all employees.
  3. Check the Tax Year is 2022/2023.
  4. Check the Reports date is 05/04/2023.
  5. If your company has ceased trading, in the Cessation Date box enter the date it ceased trading. Otherwise, leave this blank.
  6. Click OK.

3.   Internet submissions

This is your final submission of the 2022/2023 tax year. You must submit it no later than 19 April 2023.

  1. Click Internet Submissions, read the Important Notice, then click Continue.
  2. Check your company details are correct, then click Submit.
  3. Check the correct tax year is showing and your details are correct.
  4. Click Submit.
    When the HMRC Government Gateway is busy, it can take a while for the submission to send. If you want to continue processing and come back later to check the progress of your submission, click Check again later.
  5. Once your submission is successfully sent, click the link provided, then click Print.
  6. Click Close.

3.   Produce P60s

Anyone who’s still employed by you on 5 April 2023 will require a P60. You must provide them with this by 31 May 2023. You don’t need to produce a P60 for any employee who leaves on or before 4 April 2023.

To produce your P60s;

Click Produce P60s and select whether to upload, print or email them.

4.   Backup data

At this point, it’s a good idea to back up your payroll data. Read more >

TIP: We recommend you include all files in this back up.

5.   Complete year end

  1. Click Complete Year End, then click Yes.
  2. If you keep mileage records, click Yes, or if you don’t, click No.
  3. Click OK.

6.   Distribute YE returns

This step is just a reminder that you must give your employees their P60s by 31 May 2023. You must also pay any tax and national insurance due to HMRC for tax month 12 by 19 April 2023 as normal.

  • To complete this step, simply click Close.


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