Payroll End of Year Seminars – Expression of Interest Form

To get a better understanding of your interest in the ‘Payroll End of Year Seminars’, we would appreciate you completing the ‘Express of Interest Form’, if you are interested in attending.  We will then refer back to you directly when a decision has been made on whether / when we should host these Seminars.

Sage Micropay Payroll

Sage Payroll End of Year Seminars:

  • 150 Euro per person for Pimbrook Software Clients
  • 190 Euro per person for all others
  • 20% discount off per person fee for Pimbrook Clients booking seminar for 2 or more people
  • Duration: 3 hours

Sage Payroll End of Year Seminars

 Waterford • Cork 
December 4th (Waterford) & December 10th (Cork)

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