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Charity Begins at Home

When at #SageSummit in Chicago, Nigel and I were both very struck by the #SageFoundation initiative. Sage supports its employees by letting them donate their time to participate in 5 days of volunteering per year in their local communities. Their activity is focused on young people, socially and economically deprived sectors of our communities and developing social enterprise and entrepreneurialism.

Stephen Kelly (CEO of Sage) is fully behind this amazing initiative.  He believes that Nonprofit Organisations sell ideas!

Richard Branson of Virgin Media is also fully behind the concept of giving back.  He suggested starting locally.  Supporting a charitable initiative near your place of work to start the process rolling.

So we have.

Like most IT businesses we “go through” a lot of hardware.  Some computers are rebuilt for training.  But we had so many that really were just too old for our purposes.

Camara Education is the company we chose to partner with. They  “use technology to deliver 21st-century skills, and as such improve education in disadvantaged communities around the world.” Camara Education certifies that all data on hard drives contained has been
securely erased in compliance with US DoD standard 5220.22 and NIST 800-88.  Thereby putting our minds at ease.

I was then really delighted to see this company featured on RTE Nationwide.  They really do change lives for the better.  We always believe in education here at Pims. We try to train our staff to the highest standards possible so they can give the best service to our customers.

So we are delighted to be behind this initiative. Hopefully, when Sage Foundation extends to Ireland we can take an active role in this too, as Business Partners.  Together.  True Partners.