Sometimes we fear change, Better the devil you know and all that. But sometimes change can be a good thing.
Be it changing an eating habit, taking up a sport or learning an instrument.

And I think change is better in stages.  For example I’d like to run a marathon, but can’t start out running 10 miles without ever having run before, or, for that matter, without the right shoes!

And it’s the same in business.  To be fair it’s nearly harder.  As most of the time it’s hard earned cash that you have to part with to make change, not just changing from full fat to low fat milk.

So that’s where we come in.  Pims specialise in making both the decision easier and the journey less arduous.  Let us put on the running shoes for you.  We’ve run a lot of these marathons in our time.

Call us today for details on our December offers for ALL our Sage Accounting and Payroll software. And sure come for a run on Tramore strand if you want.

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