If you are using Sage 50 Accounts version 2012, you more than likely received communication that this version is coming to its ‘end of life’.

What does this mean?

Firstly, your software isn’t going to stop working after a given specific date.

However, from the end of April 2016 Sage will no longer support this version. This means that the version won’t be tested on new operating systems and it will no longer be possible to purchase additional users/companies. As it stands, Sage 50 2012 isn’t compatible with Windows 8.

After this date, the upgrade price will no longer be available and the software will have to be purchased at the full RRP price.

Up until 30th June, there is an offer in place to purchase the upgrades at the 2014 prices (since then prices have increased by 90%!).

It is the ideal oppurtunity to upgrade to Sage 50 2015. There are some good features that you can avail of from this upgrade. We have had reports from customers telling us that they like the new user interface, as well as comments that everything seems to be quicker. It is also designed to handle up to 1.5 million transactions (an increase from c.100k).

There is also the new Sage Drive feature. This is a hybrid cloud system, where you can access your data from a remote location, once you have internet coverage. So if you receive a call after hours, or on holiday, you can deal with the query there and then, rather than foregtting about the request!

There are also Sales Tracker and Mobile apps available.

For a demonstration on the new features, or a quote, please feel free to all 051-395900 for a quote or email sales@pimsbrook.ie

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