• Transition from TASBooks to Sage 50
    Easy with the Right Partner and Remarkably Beneficial
  • Transition from TASBooks to Sage 50

11 good reasons why QuickBooks users will thrive with Sage.


With QuickBooks ending the life of their desktop application, we thought it would be timely to spell out some of the really big reasons why QuickBooks users will benefit from migrating to Sage, and why they’ll find it easier and much more functional.


Developed by an accountant. Top of the reasons why QuickBooks users will benefit from a move to Sage is that our software was developed by an accountant – not a software developer. What this means is that it’s the absolute perfect fit for any company that relies heavily on their accounts function.


Great for repetitive tasks. Sage is also a wonderful option for users who are dependent on highly repetitive tasks. It offers a function for recurring entries, and this will save you hours every week. When you measure this over a whole year, the time saving is really highly significant.


VAT and Bank Reconciliation made simple. And on the subject of time saving, easy use of VAT and Bank Reconciliation is another key feature of Sage. So not alone are you saving time, but you’re also making sure that your VAT affairs are completely in order, and you’re 100% confident of your bank position at any given time.


Reports at your fingertips. Information is king, and Sage makes hundreds of reports available to you, making it easier than ever to keep a tight rein on how your business is performing. Our new release comes complete with really useful dashboards that puts a wide range of data at your fingertips, and gives you the perfect helicopter view of your company’s finances.


Your software never grows old. Sage never stands still, and every year sees a new release, packed with improvements and new accounting methodologies that will make your life even easier. It goes without saying that you don’t have to fork out for these improvements – they’re yours as part of your subscription. So no more problems with outdated software that’s no longer fit for purpose – Sage has got you covered.


Connectivity built in. Very few parts of the modern business exist in a vacuum, and the ability for one function to ‘talk’ to another is more important with each passing year. With Sage, you can connect easily to Microsoft 365, which means that you can take advantage of a whole host of functionality such as email, One Drive etc.


Easy departmental and budget reporting. It’s great to know how your business is performing from a financial perspective, but it’s even better when you can drill down into every single department or sub-unit of your business. Similarly, you can develop budgets for even the smallest group within your company.


Let your business flow. Sage offers an easy flow right through from your quotation or customer order through to invoicing. So you’ve got a closed loop right through allocation and dispatch of stock, making sure that nothing slips through the cracks.


Always up-to-date. When you avail of Sage’s subscription model, you need never worry again about whether your software is up-to-date. You’ll always be using the most current version on the market, with the best features and benefits, and the most sophisticated solutions for your business.


Industry-specific features. You can enjoy third party developments for industry-specific features, getting even more from your Sage software. This saves you the often considerable expense of having to upgrade to more specialist or heavily parameterised solutions.


Easier to recruit. Because Sage is so widely used, you’ll find it much easier to recruit accounts staff who are familiar with it, and who can hit the ground running when they join your organisation. This can save you a considerable amount of time and money in training.


So there you have it – eleven good reasons why current QuickBooks users will enjoy the move to Sage, and find themselves even more productive as a result!


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