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Author: Eamon

Announcement – Nigel Pim


Nigel Pim

As some of you may have already heard, Nigel Pim (one of the founders of the original Pims company, which is now part of Pimbrook Software), passed away on January 14th. This was another tragedy of the current COVID-19 pandemic and made even more tragic due to the fact that Nigel was a young healthy man.

 I knew Nigel well before Pimbrook was formed, through the Sage partner community and I worked very closely with him during the merger of Pims Business Systems and Brook Software Solutions and then the eventual takeover of Pimbrook Software. I always found Nigel to be a gentleman, very willing to help others and share his wealth of knowledge. I know Nigel is and will always be remembered fondly by the original Pims staff and clients.

 I commend his wife, Jeni, for her courage in using this very difficult personal experience, to give public interviews in local & national media (including the “Late Late Show”), to warn others of the dangers of COVID-19 and what we must all continue to do to protect ourselves and others.

 May Nigel rest in peace and our thoughts are with his family at this time.

 For more details see Death Notice of NIGEL PIM (rip.ie)