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Consolidation company

Consolidation company


If you have more than one payroll with the same tax registration number, you should merge these payrolls into a consolidation company. You can then generate a single payroll report or Revenue Online Service (ROS) submission file that covers all the consolidated payrolls.

Although you can run reports in the consolidated company, you can’t process your payroll or edit employee details.

Set up a consolidation company

1. Log into Sage Micropay as the system administrator.
2. On the menu bar, click Company then click Consolidation Setup.
3. Complete the following information:

Consolidation Company Enter a name for the consolidation company, for example, CONSOL.
Password Enter an optional password.
Cons. Select the check boxes for the payrolls you want to merge.
Default Payroll Select a payroll that holds your company’s contact details. When you generate returns for Revenue, your company’s address and contact details must be included.

4. Click Create.
5. When asked if you want to create a new consolidation company, click Yes.
6. On the menu bar, click Login then click Exit.

Log into and use a consolidated company

1. Open Sage Micropay.
2. When prompted to log in, enter your normal user name and password.
3. Under Payroll, click the Name arrow, then click the consolidation company.
4. Enter the consolidation company password, if applicable, then click OK.
5. On the menu bar, click Miscellaneous then click Consolidate All.
6. When asked if you want to consolidate all company files, click Yes then click OK.
7. To access the:
• Standard reporting area – On the menu bar, click Reports then click Payroll Reports.
• Year end reporting area – On the menu bar, click Year End then click Tax Year End Reports.
8. Print or generate the reports and submission files you need.
9. To close the consolidation company, click Login then click Exit.