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How To Renumber Employee Codes in Sage Payroll (Micropay)

How To Renumber Employee Codes in Sage payroll (Micropay)


You can renumber one or more employees using the renumbering utility. The renumbering utility will renumber the employee record and its associated historical records.

Note: The following are prerequisites for the Renumbering Utility to run successfully:

  • The Payroll status of the company in question must be ‘S’ (Start Of Period)
  • The Program Files and Program Data locations of Sage Payroll must be the same.
  • The payroll data must not be locked or in open state by any other program (eg: Sage Payroll itself or Excel or ARW).
  • The payroll data is not integrated with People Link or Sage50 HR (Otherwise the data will become inconsistent across the platforms).
  • You must acquire the renumber.exe Renumbering tool from the Pimbrook server.


To Renumber Employees:
  • First you must create a file called RENUM.CSV and save it to  the company folder (where payroll data is stored). The RENUM.CSV file should only have 2 columns. The first column should contain the existing employee codes. The second column should contain the corresponding new employee codes required to change to. The file does not require headings, so take out any headings that may have been entered in row 1. Save and close the file. (If you started an Excel file, make sure to save as a .csv file, by clicking File\Save As and choosing ‘CSV (Comma Delimited)’ from the ‘Save As Type’ drop down box.)
  • Select the Micropay Renumbering Utility option from wherever you have stored it (renumber.exe).
  • If your payroll is not integrated with People Link or Sage50 HR then click ‘Continue’ to the message displayed regarding them. (See Fig1)
  • If you’ve selected to Continue in the previous step, then the Renumbering window should open. In the Folders panel on the right, browse to the relevant company folder, and then highlight the RENUM.CSV file from the File Name panel on the left. Click OK.
    Check the Review Log to ensure that the new employee numbers have been entered correctly.
    Log into the Micropay Professional Company.
    The employees should now be renumbered.


The RENUM.CSV file consists of two columns, separated by a comma. The first column will contain the newly generated Micropay Professional Employee Code. The second column will contain the old Quickpay Code (prefixed by a company letter).