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Migration from (Software) to Sage 50 – Checklist

Migration from (Software) to Sage 50-Checklist


Install Software – Checks

  1. Check Regional Settings are correct
  2. Anti Virus Software
  3. UAC Turned Off
  4. Install and Configure Software
  5. Ensure Tax codes are Correct (Irish Settings)
  6. Is Foreign trader required to be activated
  7. Have they any UK companies – activate MTD
  8. E-banking set up
  9. Set up email for basic layouts
  10. Set financial year

Software Migrating from (Software)

  1. Export Stock records and opening stocktake if needed. (Import to Sage 50 section as well)
  2. Get copy of P&L and B/S as well as the TB (could get extra paid job creating new COA at very least)..I know this COA is in your Checks section
  3. Agree mapping of Trial Balance with client from existing Nominal codes to Sage 50 codes and Enter to Sage 50.


Software migrating from (Software)

  1. Export Customers from (Software)
  2. Export Suppliers from (Software)
  3. Export Nominal from Sage one
  4. Report on outstanding transactions in the Bank
  5. Export Opening balances for Customers
  6. Export Opening balances for Suppliers
  7. Export Trial Balance


Sage 50

  1. Import Customers to Sage 50
  2. Import Suppliers to Sage 50
  3. Import Nominal to Sage 50
  4. Enter outstanding Bank transactions
  5. Import/Enter Opening balances for Customers
  6. Import/Enter Opening balances for Suppliers
    1. Do Journal to cancel out he suspense account entries after entering the opening balance
  7. Enter Trial Balance


  • Cross check that everything Balances
  • Configure COA
  • Report Design