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Previous Employment Figures include this Employment values

Problem: Previous Employment Figures coming in on RPN but are also in This Employment when you re-instate an employee and transfer to another payroll to be paid


This happens when the employee has been working elsewhere in between employments with your company.

When you reinstate the employee and retrieve rpns in the same payroll, revenue recognize that this matches the previous employment they have for this employee. But when you retrieve rpns in a different payroll with a different reference and frequency, it does not recognize it as a previous employment with the same company and sends all previous employment figures added together instead of just the ones for the employment outside your company.

Solution Options:

  1. Restore both payrolls involved in the transfer to the period prior to the re-instatement and transfer ie when the employee had a status as “Left” and re-run the payroll without transferring the employee.  In the destination payroll, set the employee up as a new starter.
  2. Contact Revenue and ask them to remove the previous employment figure for your company for this employee as you have these figures in your payroll as current employment figures
  3. If payroll has been processed for one or more periods and restoring is not an option, then go to the ETP of the employee and remove the transferred figures i.e. usually period 1. Check control summary figures before and after this and make note of why the Cl balances last period do not match op balances this period.