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Processing July and August 2020 EWSS Sweepback

To avail of Revenues EWSS July/Aug Sweepback you must upload a CSV file to the ROS website. The file must contain a list of EWSS eligible employees who were paid during July & August 2020. You can generate the employee data either manually or by a report in your Sage Payroll Program. You must then upload the resulting CSV file to the ROS Website.

On 15 September 2020 Revenue released a facility on ROS where an Employer can upload this Sweepback CSV. All applications must be submitted by the employer or agent through Revenue Online Services before 14 October 2020.

To Generate Employee Information Manually:
You can download a template from the Revenues website & fill it in yourself. The file is available on this Revenue page: Revenue Sweepback. When you have entered all the relevant information, you must save the file as a CSV file, and then upload that to the ROS website.

Generate Employee Information by Sage Payroll Downloadable Report (ARW):
If you don’t want to generate the information manually, you can download an ARW report which can be saved into your Sage Payroll program. This report will generate a list of employees with pay dates between 01/07/2020 – 31/08/2020. You can link to the full article here, which contains a download link to the ARW Report and instructions on how to save & run it in Sage Payroll (Advanced Report Writer). The file generated can then be saved as a CSV file, and finally be uploaded to the ROS website.

Upload the Sweepback CSV File to the ROS Website:
Page 5 of Revenues publication “Guidelines on the Operation of the July/August Sweepback as part of the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme” contains instructions on how to upload the Sweepback CSV file to the ROS website. You can link to the publication here.


Download and save the EWSS template
  1. Click the following link

Click here to download the ARW report 

NOTE: Depending on your Internet browser, the file automatically downloads to your Downloads folder or you’re prompted to save the file.

  1. Once the report downloads, save it into the data directory of your payrolls. To access the data directory, in Sage Payroll, browse to Help > System Information > click the blue link under Data Directory.
    TIP: If the report is saved into the Data Directory, the report will be automatically picked up ARW.
Run the report
  1. From the Windows desktop, open ARW 2020.
    NOTE: If there is no icon for ARW 2020 on your Desktop, please view this guide > Read More >
  2. When prompted to log in, enter the same log in details as you do to open Sage Payroll then click Ok.