• Transition from TASBooks to Sage 50
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  • Transition from TASBooks to Sage 50

Tax Code Changer

Tax Code Changer


1. Backup up Data

2. Restore Locally

3. Print tax code details

4. Prepare mapping Structure to Sage Default Tax Codes – See Sage KBA 33290


What the outcome to be:

Pimbrook current Codes Sage Codes
T2 T3
T3 T2
T12 T13
T13 T28


How to change them:

Pimbrook Codes Sage Codes
T13 T28
T12 T13
T2 T40
T3 T2
T40 T3


Please ensure you change codes in the correct sequence.


5. Run Adept Tool

  • Browse to the correct Data Path
  • Enter in the Manager name and password
  • Select All Transactions
  • Tick the Update Box
  • Enter in the current tax code
  • Enter in want you want the new tax code to be
  • Run

Repeat this for every tax code you want to change


6. Log into sage – Reindex and compress the data

7. Check the tax codes


8. Change tax code in Configuration to match the correct tax codes you have changed

See Sage KBA 33290

9. Backup data and send back to the customer