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  • Transition from TASBooks to Sage 50

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Sage 50 Support

Sage 50 Support - Pimbrook

In previous posts we have discussed,in detail, exactly why you should choose Sage 50 Accounts, Ireland’s leading account software, as your Sage Accounting Software of choice. Now, we will look at how to ensure you have the best support for your Sage 50 software.

As Sage Ireland’s Partner of the Year 2018 and the ‘Sage 50 Irish Partner of the Year 2015, 2016 & 2017’, Pimbrook is ideally positioned to ensure you get the most out of your Sage 50 (Sage 50c) investment, whether you are a new or existing user.

Whilst choosing to use Sage 50 Accounts as your Sage Accounting Software of choice is the smart move, you should however always put some serious thought into who you choose as your Sage 50 provider, as the level of Sage 50 Support offered can vary dramatically.

Pimbrook Software understands that buying accounts software is a serious investment and that it really pays to have a Sage 50 Support plan with a partner you can always rely on. Pimbrook Software is an accredited Sage Ireland Business Partner and Sage 50 Irish Partner of the Year, for the past 3 years. We offer a Sage 50 software support plan which will give you peace of mind.

Pimbrook Software is the leading provider of Sage Accounting & Payroll Software to the SME market in Ireland. Pimbrook Software specialises in Sage 50 Accounts and have a Sage 50 Support team of highly skilled and knowledgeable Sage 50 Consultants. We have over 20 years of practical experience implementing finance software for small and medium sized businesses. Our Sage 50 Support team even offer bespoke Sage 50 Training either on-site or on-line. We currently have a 98% satisfaction rate reported via our ongoing customer care calls. Our expertise in Sage Accounting & Payroll Software gives our Sage 50 Support team the capability to solve our clients toughest accounting and payroll challenges.

When you contact the Pimbrook Sage 50 Support team, you’ll get a response from one of our friendly product experts. Many of our support team are accounting and payroll experts as well as Sage 50 and Sage Payroll (Micropay) experts.

If you require Sage 50 Support, have any questions or need help to choose the right Sage 50 software package for you, then call us on 051 395 900 or arrange for us to call you back.

E-Commerce Tips for a Small Business

More and more businesses are moving online- E-Commerce. And there are more incentives to do so everyday.  Online shops present huge opportunities for new budding Irish Start-ups with bright business ideas, as well as for already existing off-line businesses in Ireland who want to reach new markets, both Nationally and Abroad, The increase in online retail in the consumer market will be followed very quickly by business to business.  And companies are making it easier. Sage themselves now no longer ship physical software product to us, we get all our Sage Accounting  (Sage 50c) and payroll (Micropay) software online, making delivery quicker and easier.

Use the clickabliity of images to drive traffic to your website.


Top Tips for E-Commerce:

  • Hire a Professional.  Don’t even imagine that it’s easy or that you can google how to do it.  Buyers are increasingly more selective about buying online and are far more likely to purchase from a website that looks good and functions well. Prepare to spend at the start in order to save money and more importantly for a small business, time, in the long run.  In addition, freeing yourself from the initial design and set-up also allows you to focus on other important aspects of getting the online business off the ground. Setting up an E-Commerce business, even a few years ago was costly and time consuming as it was most likely going to be a bespoke product, not very suitable for small businesses in Ireland.  But now it is a more competitive field, with help available from the Local Enterprise Office through their online trading scheme.
  • Know your Customer, both Existing and Potential.  As we said, if you don’t currently have an online business you are reaching into a new market. Know their age, their gender, where they originate from, their hobbies, interests, what websites they like to visit, what their job is, their online buying habits and how many times a day they go online. This will make it so much easier to market to your customers.  And Yes, this seems like a lot, but a simple e-survey with a possible incentive, as in a prize, or voucher, can go a long way to sweetening the deal.
  • Be Social.  Reach them through the market you want to join, for example, if your business is Business to Consumer, Facebook is probably your medium of choice. If you are selling very visual products, try Instagram.  Have a look at our blog on Social Media to get you started.  If you intend to run an online anything you need to have an active presence on some or all of the main social media platforms. Sign up and secure your business name as soon as possible. Social media is a way to engage with your audience and share information with them on a constant basis.  Choose your platform wisely, I find the easiest way to do this is to look at the age demographic. I feel Social Media allows our brand and business to be creative and show personality, which for a customer, could be the difference between you and your competitor, and you want to drive them to your E-Commerce site as easily as possible.
  • Link your Systems. As far as possible the switch to E-Commerce should be easier and more cost effective in the long run, therefore it makes sense to link your Sales through your E-Commerce site directly to your accounts, Eliminating the need for double administration. We partner with Actinic, a one stop shop (excuse the pun) to get your E-Commerce platform off the ground. Talk to your designer and us about this at any stage, but make sure it is sooner than later, we can help.  Contact us on 1850-202502, or by email.


How Small Businesses Should Manage Accounts

Thankfully the number of Small Businesses in Ireland is on the rise again.

Over the past five years this number has grown – especially since the recession, where more people have been made redundant or have found themselves struggling professionally – a situation which has lead many to become entrepreneurs.

But even though setting up a business is a very exciting new chapter in life, the first and most important step is to get the basics right.  And even to know what the basics are is a struggle.

You don’t really need to be a maths wiz to successfully run a small business, all you need is a basic understanding of bookkeeping and finance.  And now you don’t even have to know that.  I always tell people that Sage is built for people who AREN’T accountants.  So you can concentrate on growing your business.

My top tips for a running your accounts as a small business are:

  • I recommend keeping your personal and business accounts separate.  It’s easy for your personal finances to get tangled up with your business finances. But no matter what type of business you’re running, it’s a good idea to keep your personal finances separate from those of your business. If you have separate bank accounts , all you have to do is review your bank statements for a clear picture of your cash flow, which is for me, a clear picture of how the business is doing on day to day.

accounting software package and payroll system offer

  • Invest in Small Business Accounting Software
  • Know your costs- When you start a small business, you will have two types of expenses: fixed costs and variable costs. Fixed costs do not change with sales volume, but variable costs do. Fixed costs are the costs associated with your business’ product that must be paid regardless of the volume of that product or service you sell.As sales go down, variable costs go down. Variable costs are costs of staffing or materials that change with sales. Small Businesses need to keep a very close eye on both costs.
  • Make payments easy for customers.  Accepting Credit cards and setting up Direct Debits is so much easier these days.  More on this in future blogs. But I like to use Paypal and SumUp.

Small Businesses

  • I always try to Agree Clear Payment Terms. The best way to ensure you get paid on time is to have proper credit management practices in place that increase cash flow into your business and minimise the risk of not getting paid. This includes putting contracts in writing at the outset that contain fair and realistic payment terms that both sides can live with.
  • Use your stock control
  • Get organised- Be OCD about it,  There’s no point in wasting valuable time lokoing for that invoice.  That’s why the latest innovations in Sage One appeal to me.  They have an #AI named Pegg.  I can upload my lunch/ diesel/ miscellaneous receipts to Pegg via messenger.  No more worrying about emptying my wallet every week. Perfect for Small Businesses.



and my top tip;

  • Invoice Quickly- follow up- get your money


Sage 50c- power and productivity

Sage 50 Accounts Combine Power and Productivity

Sage 50 (now Sage 50c) combines the power and productivity of the Sage Accounts Solution with the freedom to control your business from anywhere, anytime.  Do you ever sit at home, or think while you are waiting for something that you wish you could access your accounts? Get on with a few minutes work?  The days of having to get back in your car and drive to the office to access your software are over.  Thanks to the collaboration of Sage 50c with Microsoft 365, you can now access your accounts, anytime, anywhere.

Sage 50c offers the same robust feature set and advanced reporting capabilities of the desktop-only Sage 50 product, and automatically syncs all data to the cloud. All updates and changes are instantly available, which enables business owners to work while away from the office and also grant secure 24/7 online access to their accountants.
Couple this with Pimbrooks AWARD winning support and you have an unstoppable solution with which to run your business. Now and in the future.

All without excessive up-front IT cost, thanks to the subscription model.
Success begins with your team accessing the right information, and you should be able to access this wherever you are.  Making it the best bookkeeping software for small business.

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