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GoCardless with Sage 50

GoCardless for Sage 50

Payment Methods in Sage Software


Hello welcome to my presentation on Payment Methods in Sage Software. My name is Stephanie Davies and I’m the Managing Director of Pimbrook Software. Briefly, Pimbrook came about by the merge of two business partners Pim’s Business Systems and Brook Software Solutions. We’ve well over 17 years’ experience, now servicing thirteen hundred clients.

One of our commitments is to deliver exceptional customer service and we earned these awards for three years in a row due to that, so today I’d like to concentrate on Go Cardless in Sage 50.

What is GoCardless?

It is an integrated direct debit functionality for businesses who take recurring payments. So the research has looked at automated reconciliation – time is critical for businesses nowadays, so the more automation you can bring into your business the more successful it’s going to be.

Getting paid on time obviously speaks for itself. We all want to get the cash flow going but, what’s the biggest thing that we find that will help your business is getting your customers on board with you, so that you can receive those payments efficiently and quickly.

So let’s have a look, so in your Sage 50 now you have a direct debit manager, so we’re going to set up GoCardless for your business, so click on the setup now, you have an option to connect to an existing account or create a new one.  For the purpose of this demo we’re going to create a new one, so you’re just have to pop in some basic details about your company and once you’ve completed that, your integration with the GoCardless account is completed successfully. So that’s your side done, so one last bit on the Sage side to complete, is going into Sage 50 and setting up those bank accounts that you want the monies to be populated into, and you have a couple of nominal codes there as well.

So the next thing is how do we get your customers on-board with you? So the most important thing is to get a mandate out to the customer. So we’ll select a customer to pop into it and put their details in there of the email address. So once that’s set up for your customer on your Sage 50, they will be given an invite, through the email to set up a direct debit to ensure that the recurring payments to you are made regularly. Once that’s completed and all monies start to transfer into your business, you can then go into the bank account and you’ll see where this auto update happens automatically. So again let’s recap on the benefits to both parties to you and your customer.  Once your customer has signed the mandate you can schedule your payment dates flexibly and they will be told in advance when they’re going to pay yourselves. You as the business,  will always get paid on time, the transactions are auto updated, so a reduction in the operations in the business and ideally you’re constantly getting paid so if you’ve got recurring payments.  Please ensure you invest in GoCardless for your business.

I’ll leave some contact details on the screen there. Either contact Gavin or myself at either the Dublin or the Waterford office or get further information on pimbrook.ie. 

Thank you.

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