• New Sage Payroll Update v27.1 Released
    Includes ERR and CWPS enhancements
  • New Sage Payroll Update v27.1 Released
Sage 50

Sage 50 Accounts Top 40 Tips

Sage 50 Version 24

Sage 50 Accounts can save valuable time and increase your productivity with these 40 simple Sage 50 tips. By spending a short while getting familiar with them, you’ll make the most of your valuable accounting software, and free up time for more productive work on driving your business forward. And remember that if you’re new to Sage, the latest version of this award-winning software is known as Sage 50c. So with that, let’s get into our Top 40 Tips.

Sage 50

Sage 50 Accounts Top 40 Tips


Make the Most of Bank Feeds in Sage 50

Did you know that you can use bank feeds to download live bank transactions into your software? You can then compare them to your transactions in Sage 50, matching transactions and ensuring that nothing is missed.

Sage 50 - Reconciling your bank
Sage 50 – Reconciling your bank

Rely on Cloud Backup with Sage 50

We all love the security blanket of automatic cloud backup. It’s ultra-easy to back up your data to Microsoft OneDrive, so why not avail of it.

Emailing Your Invoices

Posting invoices in conventional format is costly and time-wasting, so why not email your invoices directly from Sage 50?

Drill Down Through Your Reports

It’s good to have a top-line report, but even better when you can drill down into the detail behind the big picture. Take advantage of this useful feature in Sage 50.

Microsoft Office 365 Help Centre

Sage 50 is linked to Microsoft Office 365*, and there is a dedicated Help Centre to address common Office 365 queries.

Sage 50
Sage 50

Schedule Your Backups in Advance

When using your accounting software, leaving backups to chance is crazy, so avail of the ability to schedule backups to run automatically in Sage 50. There’s no need to log out while doing so.

Sage Backup
Sage Backup

Use the Check Data Feature

Running the Check Data option in Sage 50 lets you spot any issues and nip them in the bud on the spot. Run it regularly for extra peace of mind.

Don’t Forget the Shortcut Keys

When using the batch entry windows on your accounting software, F8 will delete a line while F6 will
copy the field above. These and other shortcuts can save you a whole heap of time.

Support and Training for Sage 50

Remember that Pimbrook offer extensive support and training on your accounting software, so don’t be afraid to use it!

Quick Print

You can print out your invoices from your accounting software with a single click by availing of the Print Invoices feature.

Press F1 for Help

We all run into problems now and again, but by pressing F1 for Help, you’ll get the answers to your problem right away.

Demo Data and Practice Data

If you’d like to experiment, your accounting software comes complete with dummy companies to help you do so.

Handling Recurring Entries

You can set up things like direct debits or standing orders as recurring entries in your accounting software, saving yourself a lot of time in the process.

Credit Invoice in a Single Click

If you want to generate a credit note on your accounting software based on the invoice you are crediting, there’s no need to re-key the information.

Capture Invoices & Receipts

You can take photos of your invoices & receipts and link to a transaction in Sage 50 with the Sage Capture app.

Adding Negative Values to Invoices

Not everyone knows that you can add negative values to your invoices with Sage 50.

Using Quick Search

You can use the Quick Search feature to find records without the need to create a full search or filter.

Transaction Detail

Using the View Transaction feature in your accounting software will give you a complete breakdown
of the transaction details.

Batch Reporting

Instead of running the same reports each month on an individual basis, why not run them as a batch instead?

View Users

If you need to know who’s logged in to your accounting software at any time, just click on the User List.

Using Analysis Fields

Use the custom fields in your accounting software to enter your own codes or references.

Quick Emailing

Did you know that you can email quotes, orders or invoices with a single click?

Sage 50

Configure Shortcuts – Function Keys

Sage 50 includes two shortcut keys that you can configure for whatever function you want.

Duplicate Option

The duplicate option can save you a lot of time and energy when you are creating a lot of records or invoices that are similar in format.

Batch Changes

Batch Changes is a great tool for when you want to change the same field on a multitude of records in your accounting software.

Handy Global Changes

Changing a financial value – such as a budget increase – can be done simply by using the Global Changes wizard.

Set up Price Lists

You can set up price lists for a product, a single customer or a group of customers.

Using Foreign Trader

With Sage 50, if you trade overseas, the Foreign Trader options are available as standard in the Professional and Client Manager versions.

Nominal Link Feature

If you use Sage 50 and Sage Payroll, why not link them simply by using the Nominal Link, which will automate the posting of salary journals.

File Import

If you have information that’s been produced in a different source, just use the Import option to access it quickly and easily in your accounting software.

Send to Excel

You can simply export your data to Microsoft Excel for simple reporting and management information.

PDF Passwords

In Sage 50, you have the ability to create letters or reports in a password-protected PDF format.

Reconciling Bank Accounts

Be aware of what’s in your bank account at any time by reconciling regularly.

Using the Lock Date

If you have finished reports and want to stop posting into previous months, just use the Lock Date feature in Sage 50.

Use Colour to Break up Lists

Using colour on alternate lines is a great way to help you stay on the correct line. Just click Tools, Options and Colours.

Archiving Your Data

Archives are a simple but handy way to create a helicopter view of your business performance.

Use the Favourite Function

Sage 50 has many reporting options, but some of them will be used by you time and again, so why not Favourite them to help find them more quickly next time you need them?

Layout Rename Description

If you want to change a layout description, all you have to do is right-click the description and click Change name and description.

Auto Updates

The Auto Update features means that your accounting software is always right up-to-date. Just click Tools then Internet Options, then select Automatic.

Sage Pay

Sage Pay, integrates with Sage 50 and is a brilliant way to make sure you’re paid on time – every time.

Sage 50cloud Accounts can save valuable time and increase your productivity.

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* Included with 50cloud Standard and 50cloud Professional. Available on 50cloud Essentials for an additional charge.

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