• Transition from TASBooks to Sage 50
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  • Transition from TASBooks to Sage 50

AccountsMate Release – October 2022


A new version of AccountsMate (Pimbrooks enhanced Sage 50 enquiry tool) has been released providing the following features:

  1. New data columns added for selection in enquires.
  2. Notifications more visible at start up.
  3. Performance improvements for faster use.
  4. Improved installation.
  5. General fixes.

AccountsMate is available free of charge as part of our Sage 50 support service. For more details, including a demonstration video, see this link -> AccountsMate For Sage 50 Overview



The new version of AccountsMate will be downloaded automatically the next time a user opens the application,  just accept all questions and the software update will be installed (note, you will have to have administrator permissions for the PC).


To check if you are using the new software, check the versions under Help – About, they should be as follows.

  • AccountsMate Console 1.7.1
  • AccountsMate Plugin 1.14.0


Feature Details

1. New Data Columns

  • Order Delivery Address Details (including address lines, notes, phone, etc.) added to Order, Invoice and Data Analysis enquiries.
  • Account (Customer/Supplier) Analysis Codes and Product Category added to Data Analysis enquires.
  • Category Type (i.e. P&L or Balance Sheet) added to Nominal Enquires Criteria.

2. Notification at Startup

If there are unread notifications in AccountsMate they will be displayed at start up to make them more visible.


3. Performance Improvements

Static data such as Customers, Suppliers and Products are now cached in the background to speed up the application lookups.


4. Improved Installation

To make installation easier on computers that do not have Sage 50, we have included the extra components required (i.e. Sage ODBC drivers) and they will be automatically set up during the installation.


5. General Fixes

Some known issues have been fixed to improve the operation of the application, e.g.

  • Fixed issue where update was failing if application started from an icon on the desktop or task bar.
  • Fixed issue where some columns were duplicating on grids when associated data was being display e.g. Sales/Purchase orders.
  • Fixed issue where the wrong properties was being shown for Sales Orders when first loaded.
  • Fixed issue where the wrong properties were being shown for order lines.