• New Sage Payroll Update v27.1 Released
    Includes ERR and CWPS enhancements
  • New Sage Payroll Update v27.1 Released

Error opening PAY DATA

Error opening PAY DATA


On attempting to open the program you receive the following message:

‘Error opening PAY DATA’

To resolve this, follow the steps below

Run the SBD repair
  1. Right-click the Payroll Icon.
  2. Click go to File Location.
  3. Double click SetupSBD.exe.
  4. Select Repair Install.
  5. Click Next and Finish.
  6. Double click the Payroll icon.


Reinstall the program to a new location
  1. Download the latest version of the program.
  2. Create a new folder in C:\ProgramData called MPD.
  3. Create a new folder in C:\ProgramFiles (or C:\ProgramFilesx86 if you have it) called MPF.
  4. Double click your downloaded install file.
  5. To accept the terms of the licence agreement, select the check box, then click Next.
  6. Select This PC, then click Next.
  7. Select Custom – Change the program and data folder locations, click Browse, browse to the location of the new files created click OK.MPD = Program Data and MPF for program Files
  8. Click Next, then Install.
  9. When prompted that the installation has completed successfully,
  10. click Finish.Double click the Payroll icon.


Check the path in Dataloc.ini
  1. Right-click the payroll icon then click Properties.
  2. Click Open File Location.
  3. Find the dataloc.ini file and open this in Notepad.
  4. Ensure that the path specified in dataloc.ini exists and that the Windows permissions are set correctly. Avoid using the ‘Everyone’ reserved group on Windows.If you require help with setting the Windows permissions, please refer to your own IT support.