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How to undo a bank reconciliation

How to undo a bank reconciliation


There may be times where you reconcile one or more bank transactions in error. If this occurs there are two options available to correct this, you can either restore a backup or you can remove the bank reconciliation flag on each transaction.

Restore a backup

If you have a backup that you took before you reconciled, and it’s practical to restore back to that point in time, then this is a quick and simple solution.

Unflag the transactions

If you don’t have a backup, or restoring isn’t practical, you can manually remove the bank reconciliation flag from each individual transaction.

  1. On the navigation bar click Transactions then select the required transaction and click Edit.

Sage Accounts 2014 (v20) and below – On the menu bar click File then click Maintenance. Click Corrections and select the required transactions and click Edit Item.

  1. Clear the Bank rec on check box then click Save then click Yes.

To avoid confusion, we also recommend you remove any .pdf linked to the bank reconciliation you’re undoing. To remove the .pdf, on the navigation bar click Bank accounts then open the required bank account and click Memo. Double-click Statements and right click the statement you want to remove and click Delete.