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Why don’t transactions appear in the bank reconciliation window

Why don’t transactions appear in the bank reconciliation window

If you can’t find a transaction in the Bank Reconcile screen this can be due to the following reasons:

  • The date of the transaction doesn’t match the reconciliation period.
  • The transaction is entered against the wrong bank account.
  • The transaction is a type that doesn’t appear on a bank.
  • The transaction is grouped with other transactions.
  • The transaction is already reconciled


To identify why a transaction doesn’t appear in the Bank Reconciliation window, locate the transaction in Transactions or Financials , then check

  • Type – ensure it’s a bank transaction. Only bank transactions appear in the Bank Reconciliation window. For example, BR, BP, CR, CP, VR, VP, SR, SP, PP, PR, JC or JD.
  • Account – ensure it’s the correct bank account. The Bank Reconciliation window only displays transactions for the selected bank.
  • Date – the date of the transaction should be on or prior to the reconciliation date.
  • Amount Paid – if the date and reference are the same as other bank transactions, then the transactions may be grouped together in the bank reconciliation window . If the transaction is grouped, only the total value of the grouped transactions appears in the Bank Reconciliation window and this won’t be the same as the Amount Paid column in the transactions or financials window.
  • Bank – check the reconciliation status in the Bank column. This should be N for the transaction to appear in the Bank Reconciliation window. The Bank column may display one of the following:
Bank Column Description
R The transaction has already been reconciled.
N The transaction hasn’t yet been reconciled.
-(Dash) The transaction isn’t applicable for bank reconciliation.


If the transactions still don’t appear after checking the reasons above, you may have corruption in your data. To check:

  • On the menu bar click File then click Maintenance then click Check Data.