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  • Transition from TASBooks to Sage 50

Sage 50 – Check Data

We know how important the integrity of your Sage Accounts data is to you, and any loss of data can be very costly in terms of time and money. You can use the Check Data option to check the validity of your data files. You should run it regularly, especially before taking a backup or after restoring your data.

Check your data

If you’ve a multi user licence, all other users must log out before you can access this option.

1. On the menu bar click File then click Maintenance and click Check Data.

2. If there are no problems, a message appears informing you of this click OK.

If there are problems with your data, the File Maintenance Problems Report appears. To find out how to fix any errors, warnings and comments,

3. Click Close then click Close.

Check Data errors, warnings and comments

The Check Data option examines the data files to detect errors, and summarises the results on the File Maintenance Problems Report window. It groups any issues into the following categories:


Errors indicate data problems caused as a result of corruption. If you’ve errors on your data, print the list of errors, then ring Pimbrook on 051-395900 to discuss the errors


Warnings indicate problems that you should attend to promptly. If you have warnings on your data, print the list of warnings, then ring Pimbrook to discuss the errors


Comments are minor issues and don’t necessarily require immediate attention. However, they do indicate small inconsistencies in the data. For example, a transaction dated beyond the current processing date