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  • Transition from TASBooks to Sage 50

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Auto-Enrolment Pension Scheme

Life Goals Financial Services look at the outline of the government’s proposed Auto-Enrolment Pension Scheme, published in August 2018.

  • Who will be included in the AE scheme
  • How the scheme will work
  • Interaction with existing private pension arrangements and more

If you would like to discuss or if you have any queries at all, please visit our contact page.

How to Generate an Employee List in Sage Payroll?

Micropay –  PAYE Modernisation Preparation

Generate an Employee List in Sage Payroll to Upload to ROS

In preparation for PAYE Modernisation, check out this video & learn how to generate an employee list from Sage Payroll (Micropay)

Sage Payroll software allows you to process your payroll with the peace of mind that you are compliant with Irish legislation.

What’s new with Sage Payroll (Micropay) v21.1?

Check out the latest features of Sage Payroll (Micropay)

Run your payroll with a Sage Payroll Software solution – up to date with the latest … What’s more, it’s easy, adaptable, affordable, and ideal for small and medium sized … that suit your needs, and change or add new modules as and when you need to. … Flexible solutions designed to meet the payroll needs of your business …

Introducing Sage Payroll

Micropay Has a New Name


Sage Payroll

The next time you update your software you’ll notice Micropay has a new name, Sage Payroll.

Sage Payroll has all the same great functionality of Micropay and you can use it in exactly the same way as before. It will be updated for all future legislation changes such as the GDPR and Revenue’s PAYE Modernisation Project, commencing January 2019.


What’s new?

To help you prepare for the GDPR, the Payroll Data Checker will flag information older than 6 years.

You’ll also be able to cater for employees who have exclusion orders for PAYE. In order to help you with PAYE Modernisation, you’ll also be able to flag statuses for Proprietary or Non-Proprietary Directors.


Sage Payroll is available from March 9, 2018.

For more information please contact sales@pimbrook.ie or call us 051 395 900

Sage 50 and Sage Micropay Success Story | Hooper Dolan



Hooper Dolan Insurances

Sage 50 and Sage Micropay Customer Success Story


What is Sage 50?

Sage 50c is an easy to use Accounting Software solution for small to medium size businesses. It offers everything from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Cash Flow Management, to Inventory Management, Invoicing, Online Returns to Revenue and a customisable dashboard for quick access to important data. To learn more about Sage 50c – Accounting Software for small business, please visit the Sage 50c product page.

Sage 50c is an easy to use accounting software solution. Request a Demo Now!


What is Sage Micropay?

Sage Micropay is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use payroll system designed to address the needs of medium to large-sized Irish businesses while taking care of all Irish Revenue requirements. . To learn more about Sage Micropay, please visit the Sage Micropay product page.

Sage Micropay will allow you to easily manage your payroll processes – no expertise required Request a Demo Now!



Moving an Employee? Mid Year? No problem!

Mid-year set up

If you have a multi-company licence, you can transfer employees from one company to another. The way you would transfer your employee depends on if the tax registration number is the same as the company you’re transferring the employee from.

Note: Before you begin the transfer process, you should take a full system backup of the affected companies.

If the tax registration number is different

You must mark the employee as a leaver in their current company and add the employee as a starter in the second company. To do this:

  1. Open Micropay > log in to the company you want to move the employee from.
  2. Mark the employee as a leaver and generate their P45 information.
  3. To close Micropay > Login > Exit.
  4. Visit www.ros.ie > log in to ROS > upload the employee’s P45 information.
  5. Open Micropay > log in to the company you want to move the employee to.
  6. Set up the employee as a new starter.

You must notify Revenue to let them know that this employee has joined your new company. To do this, you must generate a P45 (Part 3) to ROS file within Micropay and upload it to the ROS website. Once Revenue receive the new starter form, they issue you with a P2C tax credit certificate specific to this employee.

You can then download the P2C file from the ROS website and import it directly in to Micropay using the Tax Credit Import option.

If the tax registration number is the same

Tip: The best time to transfer employees is at the beginning of a new tax year, before you start processing their pay. However, you can carry out this process during the course of a tax year if required.

You must manually transfer the employee’s year to date values from their current company into the second company. We recommend that you print the employee’s Earnings Tax & PRSI report. This report details their personnel details and year to date values for the current company.

  1. Open Micropay > log in to the company you want to move the employee from.
  2. Reports > Payroll Reports > Employee tab > select Earnings Tax & PRSI.
  3. Selection > Sequence > Employee Code > enter the employee’s number in the From and To boxes.

Tip: If you’re unsure of what the employee’s number is, you should check the employee’s record.

  1. Print > Cancel.
  2. Login > Login to a Payroll > log in to the company you want to move the employee to.
  3. Processing > Employee Details.
  4. Set up the employee and enter their year to date values, using the printed Earnings Tax & PRSI report as a point of reference.
  5. Login > Login to a Payroll > log in to the company you moved the employee from > delete the employee’s record.

What to look for in a Support Contract

Questions to Ask Yourself to Help Establish if Your Company Should be Taking a Pimbrook Support Contract:

  • Are Sage software problems impairing your business?
  • Are your accounts/ payroll employees spending too much time fixing problems and not attending to business?
  • Is testing of your software draining your resources?
  • Is report design taking-up too much of your time?
  • Are you having a problem keeping up with or ahead of your competitors because your staff are too busy resolving your internal admin issues?
  • Do you need to lower your expenses/ resource costs to help with your competitive edge? But are not sure how to go about it?
  • Do you feel like your users are unhappy with your current software support staff?
  • Is your company growing rapidly and you can’t manage to increase productivity with the speed of your current system?
  • You need to move your accounting or payroll software solutions to another software platform and the staff learning curve is going to take an unacceptable length of time?

Do not assume any support contract vendor can deliver everything and anytime. Instead ask them questions to assess their offerings, experience and demonstrated capabilities:

  • What type and level of support contracts does a vendor provide?

Pimbrook offers a variety of support levels and payment options to suit your company structure.

  • Does the provider cover all of your geographical region(s)?

With offices in Dublin, Waterford and the UK, Pimbrook is ideally suited to your geographical needs.  In addition our remote login applications make the world simply a village.

  • What experience do they have dealing with companies of your size and industry?

Don’t take our word on it…..

Customer Testimonials

  • How much flexibility does the provider offer in accommodating your specific needs?

At the start of your contract we will chat to you about the best way to accommodate any concerns you might have.

  • How many business customers does a service provider have and how satisfied are they?

We are the biggest provider of support to Sage Payroll and Sage 50 clients outside of Sage Ireland themselves.  While still keeping the small business ethos.

Acting like Goliath while being David, so to speak!

  • What industry recognition has the provider had for customer service?

We have consistently won awards for our support, and Customer Service, most recently

*Sage 50 Irish Business Partner of the Year* 2015 & 2016

Sage 50 business partner of the year


Sage 50 Irish Partner of the Year 2015
Sage 50 Irish Partner of the Year 2015
  • Does the provider offer service level agreements (SLAs) backed by financial guarantees?

We provide a clear outline so you are reassured of the service you will get from Pimbrook.

  • Will an individual handle the day-to-day details of your account?

Yes, you will be assigned an Account Manager.

  • How quickly can you expect to receive a return phone call from your day-to-day account manager?

Within 24 hours, usually sooner!

  • Is it possible to meet with your future account manager and other support staff before the relationship starts?

Of course, we love coming and seeing what you do in your business while we passionately talk about ours.


Contact us today for more information.


Happy Christmas from all at Pims Business Systems

Christmas Support Line Hours

26th December          Closed

27th December          Closed

28th December          8.30am – 5pm

29th December          8.30am – 5pm

30th December          8.30am – 5pm

2nd January               Closed


If you require urgent end of year payroll support, and have a current maintenance contract with us, call 051-395999.  Please leave a message if there is no answer and your call will be returned as soon as possible.


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