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Payroll Year End 2019:
Congratulations on making it through your first year of Modernised Payroll!

We know there was a lot to learn, but we hope things went smoothly for you and that you are settled into the new way of working.  The year seemed to pass quickly, and its again payroll year-end time – the first in the payroll modernisation era. Things are a little different this time round, but we feel you will be happy with the new process.

To make the experience as easy as we can for you we’ve put together this Payroll Year End article,
Below you can find some important tips, handy downloads and links to other articles which may be relevant to your payroll.

What To Expect:
Because you have been making submissions to Revenue every time you pay your employees, payroll year-end this year, is like any other pay period with a few preparation tasks and additional steps. This should make it more smooth running. Below is an insight into what you can expect.

  • No ‘End of Year Return’
    There’s no longer an ‘end of year’ return. In previous tax years, you had to run the P35, P60 and PRC1 tax year end reports. These are no longer required, and the reports no longer exist in the Sage Payroll software. The P35 has been replaced by the summation of your ongoing submissions to Revenue.
  • No Issuing Of P60s
    The issuing of P60s is a thing of the past! Revenue will now produce an ‘End of Year Statement’ for all employees, which includes details of all their pay and deductions for all employments in that tax year. Employees will be able to view and print this statement directly from the myAccount portal on the Revenue website. It might be a good idea to notify your employees about this, as some just may not know.
  • New ‘Employment Detail Summary’ Report
    The system contains a new report which summarises the employees employment details. Its called the Employment Detail Summary Report. You are not required to hand this out to employees, but you can print or PDF it for your own reference. If an employee asks you for a summary of their employment, this will be the report to give them.
  • Get PYE Ready by Reviewing Revenue Submissions
    You can check submissions you’ve made to Revenue, using the View Payroll Submission Log option. This shows you summaries of submissions, which you can filter by period date. You can also export a detailed report of each submission contained in the log for more information about what was submitted. To get ready for the year end, we recommend that you review these and compare them to those in your ROS account.

Useful Resources:
We have some useful resources listed below which can assist you to complete your year end:

Booklet & Checklist
To help you along the way, here are links to our Payroll Year End 2019 Guide and our Year End Checklist. Feel free to download them and use them to guide you on your first Modernisation Year End journey.

Your Payroll Year End Software Update
If you haven’t already been prompted to install your payroll year end update, then you can expect to be very shortly. The update includes the option to complete the 2019 tax year and get started in the 2020 tax year. You don’t need to wait until you receive the prompt, you can get ahead and download from here or from the the downloads section below. The update will update your 2019 payroll software to Version 22.5 It will also install the 2020 Payroll Software which is version 23.0


All Downloads
2019 Year End Update: You can Download the 2019 Year End Update (V22.5 & V23.0 )by Clicking Here.  (Size: 252MB)
2019 Year End Booklet: You can Download the 2019 Year End Booklet by Clicking Here.
2019 Year End Checklist: You can Download the 2019 Year End Checklist by Clicking Here.

Helpful Information:

We have also put together some other articles which you find helpful as you work through the payroll year end.
Click on the links below to view each one.

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