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‘Stuck’ Submission – Things To Try or Submit To Sage

When a submission is ‘Stuck’ it usually appears like it is attempting to transmit, but the progress circle  spins endlessly.

Before investigating – log on to the Customers ROS account, and check if the submission is present or not. This will determine what route the investigation needs to take.

Here is a list of things to try / consider if a submission is ‘stuck’ and will not complete – easiest ones first:
If you discover a new solution to a stuck rpn/submission – please add it to this list.

Things To Try:

  1. Software Version Number – is it the latest version number – does the Payroll need an update?
  2. Ensure/Check the Anti-Virus is off/excluded and is not conflicting with the submission
  3. Make sure the cert can be used to log into ROS on the ROS website.
  4. Make sure there is a Tax Reg number in the company settings.
  5. Check in Regional Settings on the PC that the Date Format is DD/MM/YYYY
  6. Re-Set the Calendar (Company/Payroll \ Calendar \New Calendar)
  7. If Re-Setting the Calendar works – then go ahead and replace the PAYCAL.DBF and PAYCAL.CDX files in the system with blank ones from an empty system. Copy out the original ones first, then paste in the empty ones – After that set the Calendar again. Company/Payroll \ Calendar \New Calendar.
  8. Re-Start the PC
  9. Check if there are any Windows Updates Pending on the PC. Some stuck submissions have been solved by running the updates & re-starting the PC. You may need IT assistance for this.

Further Investigation:

If the problem is not local, then it could be that the submission is stuck at sage’s RTX server and needs to be pushed through to ROS.  You can further investigate this by using the ‘Fiddler’ Web Debugger tool to interrogate the web activity. Click here for instructions on how to do this.

Request Sage To Clear The Stuck Submission:

Failing solving the problem, you may need to request Sage to clear it from the list of ‘Stuck Submissions’
To do this, fill in the form below and send it to pye@sage.ie [No Need to submit a backup]
Add the Pimbrook case number to the subject of the email.
Sage will respond by email – this sometimes takes 24 – 48 hours.
Its advisable not to paste any images into the email, as it will be returned by Sage as unusable – and would have to be submitted again.

Your Account Number:  00555248
Your Contact Email: support@pimbrook.ie
Client Company Name:
Payroll Name:
Spinning on Retrieving RPN or Submitting PSR?:
Has the stuck submission from Sage Payroll been received by Revenue?:
What is the payroll unique identifier?: Copy & Paste GUID characters here (To get this, browse to Reports > Report Writer > Data Files = Company > File > Fields > Company->Payroll Unique Identifier)
What date and time was the request last attempted?