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Sage 50 UK Payroll – Guide to Payroll Year End 2023/2024

Sage 50 UK Payroll – Guide to Payroll Year End 2023/2024

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Payroll Check List

For Detailed instructions please click on each Stage below:

Stage 1: Prepare for Year End                                                       

1.      Install your Year End Software Update
2.      Paid all your employees for the last time in the 2022/2023 tax year
3.      Process any leavers who left on or before 5th April 2023
4.      Submitted your FPS for the last pay period
5.      If required, submitted your employer payment summary (EPS) for month 12
6.      Backed up your Sage 50 payroll data


Stage 2: Process Year End                                                         

1.      Set you Process Date
2.      Choose Tax Year
3.      Internet Submissions
4.      Produce P60s
5.      Backup data
6.      Complete Year End
7.      Distribute Year End Returns


Stage 3: Get ready for the new tax year                       

1.      Check you are using the correct version
2.      Update your employees Tax codes
3.      Small Employers’ relief
4.      Apply for Employment Allowance
5.      Pensions Data Exchange
6.      New Legislation for the 2023/2024 Tax Year
7.      2023/2024 Tax Year Calendar



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