Installing (or updating) Sage 50

This article provides a link to our Sage 50 Installation Guide which outlines the steps required to install or update the Sage 50 software.

Before beginning the install there are a number of preparation steps that should be completed, our Sage 50 Checklist can help you ensure these are done in advance.

Important Recommendations

  • If upgrading an existing Sage 50 system that is more than 1 version old, we recommend that you upgrade the data through each major¬† version release (e.g. if going from version 24.2 to version 27, you should upgrade the data to v25, then v26 and finally v27). This is to reduce the risk of data corruption.
  • If you have upgraded to version 27 or above for the first time, when you first log into each company for the first time you will be prompted to load in new tax codes (for Brexit). Please ensure your computers regional settings are correct for each company before loading these.

When you are ready to perform the installation, click the following link to open our Sage 50 Installation Guide



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