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  • Transition from TASBooks to Sage 50

Sage Payroll Software Update – Version 23.1

Sage Payroll update version 23.1 is now available.

What’s New:
  1. The primary change in this update relates to an increase in the national minimum wage by 30c to €10.10 and consequently the Class ‘A’ employer PRSI threshold will increase from €386 to €395. The two are not effective until 1st Feb 2020, but the update can be installed anytime before this date, as the software will only apply the new legislation changes to any payrolls dated February 2020 onwards.
  2. Update Timesheet “Over 65” Warning to “Over 66” (as 65 was the incorrect age.)
  3. “Set Period” will generate an error if the pay date is not within the current tax year.
  4. Employees who were not paid in the period, are now excluded from the Control Summary ‘Employee count’.
  5. In line with number 4 above, Employees with ‘no pay due’ will now be excluded from the Bank Transfer, Cash Dissection, Cheque Register & Credit Transfer Reports.
  6. Fix to Payments Report (Export to Excel) to include decimal places.


Installing the Update:

You may be prompted to install the update from your Sage Payroll software, if not you can download and install it from the Pimbrook download area. The procedure for this is the same as with any prior payroll update – see notes below:

  1. Ensure you have the correct version of software for the update. To see the version, open Sage Payroll 2020, click Help then click System Information. The version should begin with v23, if it does not, please install the payroll year end update, v23 – see here Sage Payroll Year End 2019 Update .
  2. Make a note of the Program Directory and Data Directory.
  3. Check that all of your payrolls have a status of End of Period (EOP) or Start of Period (SOP).
  4. Back up your payroll data.
  5. Close Sage Payroll 2020 and all other software.
  6. Log in to the computer as administrator (or as a user with administrator rights) and turn off any anti-virus and “User Account Control”.
  7. Download the update from the Pimbrook Download area by clicking here.
  8. Execute the downloaded file and follow the install steps, ensure the program and data directories are the same as noted in 2 above, for more information see our article on Sage Payroll Update Instructions and Preparation.


Important Note:

Please ensure that you install the update correctly, particularly if you are using a network installation and the data location is not on the same computer. If you find that some employees are on PRSI class A1 regardsless of their PRSI eligible pay then you probabaly have not applied the update to your data location (i.e. the server). If this occurs please reinstall the update correctly to all required locations (i.e. client and server computers).